Gestão de Projetos

Entendendo o Gerenciamento de Projetos

The 20 Golden Rules for R&T Project Manager

  • Minimise the size of the Consortium
  • There is never enough travel budget
  • Raise management budget to 12% if more than 20 partners
  • A successful project must be built on strong foundations. The bigger the project, the more detailed the official documents and Consortium Agreement
  • Ensure that your company will remain involved in the project till the end
  • The Co-ordinator must provide templates for every kind of document at the very beginning of the project
  • All documents should be compliant to “working software standards” (in particular document templates)
  • Circulate at the very beginning the organisation chart of the management team, along with a short presentation of each member
  • Actual EC rules for Kick-Off meeting should be amended for large projects
  • When writing a deliverable with multiple contributors, find an English native person to edit the final version
  • Misunderstandings happen… Don’t hesitate to ask for clarification, in particular during meetings. Avoid being too subtle or too sarcastic!
  • There is always one partner late…
  • The management of information circulation is one of the most difficult tasks of the management team
  • The co-ordinator should be empowered to solve defaulting partners problems
  • Don’t forget internal reviews of deliverables in your budget estimation
  • The cost of large projects review is higher than you think!
  • There is nothing like real deadlines (the fixed Forum dates) to motivate research workers to deliver
  • Include “Project Programme updates” in your tasks/deliverables
  • A large European project is a good opportunity to gather Human Factors problems. Create a specific task for this in your project programme
  • Post-mortem activities must not be underestimated and require a specific budget